JPEX keeps people coming out of Rehab accountable with their platform, which helps them overcome their addictions.
I designed their mobile platform.


There are two categories of people in Rehab. One includes people in the upper class, with a 90% pass rate (in 5 years), and the other includes those mandated to be clean, with a 3% pass rate (in 5 years). This product sets out to drastically increase this low rate using a mobile application that holds those recovering accountable.

Normally, addiction recovery programs are unaffordable to most, but this service will be accessible to anyone with a mobile device. JPEX is designing their service from the ground up. It offers features like mandatory check-ins, random drug tests, statistics, cheap drug tests, etc.


After researching and writing out personas, I began sketching out a few solutions for the features. Having an accountability network was going to be a large focus of the app. All of the features in the app tied back to that point. I needed to consider the user flows for both a member using the app and a contact using the app.

I designed 2 different versions, the contact side and member side. After further flushing out my sketches, I created wireframes, presented to my team, and then moved to creating mockups.

Something to note is that the audience I was working with was recovering from drug abuse. People tend to unintentionally shame those that're recovering, so I was intentional with my verbiage and refrained from using words like "addict" and "addicted".


My visuals needed to be bright and hopeful. The color palette centered around warm colors, to show comfort and aspiration, like a sunrise. All of the colors, with a couple exceptions, are a bit faded to be non-threatening. It also features many rounded edges on buttons and shapes. Some designs were tweaked during development based off of the engineer’s feedback.

After the hifis were approved, I created a prototype and uploaded the screens to Zeplin to hand off to the developer. I was happy to help with this project, especially since I knew that it would be making a positive difference in the user’s life.