Have you ever wanted a dog, but without the responsibility of owning one? What if there was an app that let you rent one for a weekend, or even for an event? Pupper is an iOS application that allows you to do just that.


This app concept was created in a UX class taught by Matt Smith from MDS. This service focuses on delivering live animals to strangers that will play and take care of them for a short period of time. Usually I would begin by stating objective, scope, and use cases, but accident prevention would be a high priority, so I stated my edge cases first.

The goal was for users to be able to rent a dog for a short period of time, whether it be for an event like a birthday party, or just a casual jog. I wrote personas for common scenarios and use cases for renting different types of dogs. Of course, safety for both parties was a focus as well. These dogs needed to be presented like they were living beings, not objects.


With my groundwork done, I started sketching out solutions for the dog rentals. Each dog has a few details: the name, breed, cost, description, and three key characteristics: age group, activity level, and temperament.

The filtering system is based off of these characteristics. I highly emphasized the name and the personality of each dog to further “humanize” each dog as to remind the user that these are live animals.

To easily display this information, I went with a cell view for bite-sized entries.

The details page included the dog’s information, a date picker, and the “add to kennel” button.

To maintain a simple and intuitive interface, I used typography and white space to properly group the necessary information together to create hierarchy.


The message I wanted to give with my art direction was that every dog was going to be a new adventure. That with your new friend, you could embark (pun intended) on a journey. To do this, I went with a “granola”, wanderlust aesthetic that would appeal to a younger audience.

I also made sure that each dog looked just as excited as a user might be renting the dog. I wanted to emphasize imagery, white space, and typography throughout the UI.

There were a few questions I couldn’t find a good answer to throughout the project, like how one could properly put a price on a dog and where the dogs would be rented from. Ideally they would come from shelters, but they would need to be trained specifically to be rented out.